A Night of Blessings, Healing, and the Divine with Anandi
4th May 6.30pm -8.30 pm AWST
For any of Anandi's Sano Method of Peiec Students
Location : Bendat Auditorium - 36 Dodd Street , Wembley
Online and In-Person
Delve beyond the surface and join us in a space where your inner essence is tenderly embraced and nurtured under the gentle guidance of Anandi. As twilight descends, we converge not just in a room, but in a sanctuary of boundless spiritual unveiling and blossoming.

The evening unfolds with a warm, engaging dialogue from Anandi, igniting the spark of deepened understanding and beckoning the soul into a realm of infinite possibilities. Yet, as the words cease, the real conversation begins - a silent communion with your inner essence.

As you ease into the practice under Anandi’s guidance, feel the gentle touch of peace caressing the contours of your consciousness, leading you into a profound state of the Stillness state. It's here, in the stillness, where the whispers of your soul become the loudest, where the veil of illusion lifts, revealing the pathway to enduring peace and self-realization.

Amplified by the divine space held by Anandi, every breath you take navigates you deeper into the essence of being. The room pulses with a collective rhythm of profound serenity, each heart tuning to the celestial melody of peace. The harmonious energy resonates within and around, fostering a nurturing ground for accelerated healing and spiritual growth.

Feel the veil of your everyday consciousness dissolve as you move into the profound No Breath state, a realm where the heartbeats of time pause, allowing the soul to dance to the rhythm of the divine. It's a dance of liberation, of healing, of profound understanding.

The practices deepen, the energies heighten, and in the cradle of Anandi’s presence, the subtle becomes tangible, the intangible becomes real. The profound calmness and heightened awareness are not just experiences; they are states of being, gently unlocked and nurtured through the evening’s journey.

Amidst the sacred confluence of earnest hearts, experience the ripple effect of collective spiritual endeavour. The shared silence, the united stillness, create a space of divine energy, where each individual’s journey is amplified, honoured, and gently guided towards the light of self-realization.

Seize the essence of this divine gathering. Venture into a space where the soul is not just seen and heard but profoundly understood and nurtured. Book your spot for 'The Divine Embrace', and let's traverse this beautiful journey of self-exploration and profound understanding together, under the gentle, nurturing guidance and presence of Anandi.

Join Anandi in this  immersive experience. All students must be able to work through their own layers.
You will receive an email in the week leading up to the night with further instructions

Be advised that  full fees are non-refundable.
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