In the realm of higher consciousness, we often encounter the paradoxical idea that to become “full,” we must first become “empty.”

It sounds counterintuitive. And yet, there is profound truth to this concept. When we truly empty ourselves of preconceived notions, judgments, and mental chatter, what fills that space is an unadulterated experience of life as it is.

As we dwell in the state of deep presence, we begin to feel the boundaries of our physical selves blur and melt away.

No longer confined by the skin that houses our organs and bones, we enter a state of expansiveness that is both exhilarating and serene.

The body becomes less of a barrier and more of a conduit for the energy that is ever-present in the universe.

You feel lighter, as if you’re permeating through your surroundings and your surroundings are permeating through you.

It’s a divine exchange that goes beyond mere physicality—it’s a dance of energies, an intimate communion with existence itself.

In this state, the expansiveness you feel isn’t an expansion into emptiness; it’s an expansion into fullness—the fullness of life, of sensation, of experience.

It’s as if every cell in your body is coming alive, waking up from a long slumber to participate in the symphony of life.

Your perception sharpens, colours become more vivid, sounds more musical, and even the air you breathe seems to be imbued with a certain sweetness.

You are not just in the world; you are of the world. There is no separation; it all fades away, leaving only a unified field that you might call presence or higher consciousness.

The “you” that exists here is not the “you” with its wants, fears, and judgments. This is the “you” that is part of the eternal fabric of existence.

And so, in this state, you don’t just observe life; you feel it in your very bones. You don’t just see the light; you become it. Every moment becomes not just something to live through or record but something to savour, to revel in, to celebrate.

This is the gift of living in a state of deep presence and higher consciousness: the gift of truly being alive.

It’s not just a way of seeing the world but a way of being in it—a state of existence that is its own reward, inviting you to dive deeper, ever deeper, into the boundless ocean of now.


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