Unlocking the Profound You
Join a new revolution in healing so you can discover what it takes to become your own medicine and Heal Yourself and Heal Others.
Our two-day Immersions are carefully crafted journeys that guide you into the depths of your being. Through diverse and nuanced exercises, we aim to illuminate the profound layers that constitute your essence, which often remain unexplored yet hold the keys to profound transformation and well-being.

As you navigate this journey, you'll gain insight into how your current state—every thought, emotion, and vibration you emit—shapes your life experience and ripples out to touch those around you. It's a profound realization to recognize that our states of being have collective consequences.

 Is This Experience For You? 
This transformative weekend is tailored for individuals who are on a committed journey towards deeper healing, personal growth and transformation. It's for those who may be experiencing:

  • Digestive and immune system troubles
  • Chronic pains and illnesses
  • Habits and patterns that drive you (and the people in your life) crazy
  • Emotional symptoms, like depression, anxiety and stress…
  • Seek a genuine community of like-minded individuals to heal and grow with.
  • Fatigue and brain fog
  • Mental roadblocks, fears, and resistance that paralyze you from doing what you know (deep down) you’re meant to do.
  • Struggling with kundalini and spiritual awakening or wanting to advance your spiritual growth
  • Are ready to delve into the practical teachings and techniques that will accelerate their healing and transformational growth.
We've created a space where earnest seekers will feel at home, nurtured, and supported on their path. If you resonate with Anandi's teachings and are willing to engage with an open heart, this workshop is a stepping stone towards a more profound and deeply rewarding journey.
 Here's what the 'Unlocking the Profound You' encompasses 
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 Online Foundations 
Before we meet in person, delve into the profound principles that form the foundation teachings of the of Anandi's teachings of the Peiec Healing Methodology from the comfort of your home. Through engaging online modules, familiarize yourself with the principles that will guide our in-person exploration.
 Online Foundations 
Before we meet in person, delve into the profound principles that form the foundation teachings of Anandi's teachings of the Peiec Healing Methodology from the comfort of your home. Through engaging online modules, familiarize yourself with the principles that will guide our in-person exploration.
 Two-Day In-Person Immersion 
Diving deeper within, you will develop the ability to perceive consciousness and feel energy in its rawest form. This is about understanding consciousness and energy as a concept and experiencing it as a tangible reality. You will learn to see the ebb and flow of energy within and around you, to understand its language, and to witness firsthand the intricate web of interconnectivity that binds us all.

We will also explore how to interact with this energy. This isn't passive observation; it's active engagement. You'll learn techniques to harness and direct energy, to enhance its flow for healing and growth. By cultivating this skill, energy becomes Your Compass to Well-Being, a tool you can wield with intention and understanding.

Transform Anxiety into Serenity
Turn Sadness into Joy
Alleviate Pain and Embrace Freedom
Uncover Purpose from Feeling Stuck
Shift from Struggle to Empowerment
Transform Sickness to Reveal a Vibrant Self
Navigate Back from Being Lost to Finding Home
 An Unrivaled Odyssey Awaits 
 Why is this the moment to dive deeper or to begin your journey? 
This Immersion is more than just a 2 day immersion—it's a transformational experience that empowers you to forge a deeper connection with the very fabric of existence. It's an invitation to step into a space of heightened awareness, where every subtle shift within you becomes a dance of cause and effect, influencing your health, peace of mind, and interactions with the world.

As you emerge from these two days, you'll carry with you knowledge, memories and a newfound relationship with the energetic dimension of life. This is the beginning of a lifelong journey where you navigate your path not with maps drawn by others but with an internal compass calibrated to the true north of your soul's purpose and potential.

 What do people experience? 
  • Higher states of consciousness, expansion of awareness
  • Accelerated spiritual growth
  • A release from the symptoms of the spiritual awakening process.
  • Release from pain, sickness, illness and/or a freedom or sense of change in the body.
  • Direction, clarity, awareness and a deeper connection to true purpose and an understanding of the beauty of who we are held in the deepest part of Self
  • A shift to peace and calmness, happiness, a sense of well-being and joy.
  • Shifts in beliefs and thoughts, and an understanding of the journey of change and growth.
Bendat Centre - Auditorium
36 Dodd Street Wembley
Western Australia

FRIDAY 12th and Saturday 13th July 2024
8.30 AM
16.30 PM 

When you sign up you will be given access to the online theory course component which must be completed before attending, so please leave ample time to complete the online course content. 
 Your Guides, Krystle & Anandi 
Being in the presence of Anandi isn't just about learning; it's about experiencing the transformative energies that her state of consciousness emanates. Krystle and Anandi's gentle, insightful guidance throughout the workshop provides a nurturing soil for your seeds of self-discovery and healing to flourish.

This is not merely a workshop; it's a passage towards the serene, the profound, the infinitely beautiful realm of stillness, healing and transformation that resides within you. Are you ready to heed the call of your soul?

"This is such an incredible course. I highly recommend it, especially for people looking for tools to help themselves. I have tried many many things and this is completely different and very effective for permanent change."
"Loved this course, I love how you learn online first. The learning platform is great and easy to use too. Then the amazing in person days, just mind blowing. Have never experienced such freedom from pain transform into me being so peaceful."
"Once I did this practice my life started to shift and change in so many positive ways. I went from living life in complete constant overwhelm and a shutdown state to cope to finding a way to help me move from the stuck spot I was in. My life began to transform and now I love, honour and respect myself and my life so much more than I used to. By doing the work energetically on yourself using peiec you are able to discover who you truly are under all of your life moments. It is a beautiful journey within back to the deep connection with you and Source."
"Thank you Anandi for an incredible two days of learning, growing and peace. Loved implementing the online learning into practical situations."
"It was an incredible weekend. So grateful to have met so many amazing people and and share the space with Anandi and all the practitioners."
"There was so much healing, Aha! Moments and opening up happening over these 2 days! 🙏❤️ It was so beautiful to see the changes in everyone and watch as everyone began to experience the possibilities for what they could create for themselves in their lives... a lasting state of inner peace and deepening in presence! Thank you Anandi and Krys, for such a magic weekend, filled with laughter, learning, healing, understanding, connection and sharing with us what is possible for our lives!! Everyone looked so completely different by the end... you just cannot make this stuff up!!"
"Ohhh myyy goodness this is the best journey, the best life, the most incredible space to be in!
So many realizations, so many ‘wow’ moments, lots of giggles, lots of silent tears rolling down our faces as stories were shared.
Today I’m feeling like I need to retreat into a cave and process. Thankyou Anandi for all the incredible healing we received over the two days, and in the weeks leading up to the event.
We can never truly comprehend what you see, feel or experience but I just want to say I am incredibly grateful.
I look forward to the intensive…"

"What a special weekend. Thank you Anandi for all that you give and do."
"Absolutely magical experience ✨✨✨so much has already shifted for me. Trusting in the process to allow the rest to unfold…"
"It was so special to be in your presence and go deeper into the teachings !! I always learn so much more every time I re-sit this course! It’s completely changed mine and mum's life! And I can’t thank you enough for amount of healing I received in this space with you and everyone who worked on me. I’m incredibly grateful to walk this journey with you!!..appreciate you and for sharing your divine gifts from source with us all. It’s was truly a magical and life changing experience for us all!! All can say is that I can’t even comprehend what I was given over those 2 days, it’s was transformational and I feel so so different, still shifting lots as I process and will be for months to come!! Thank you so so much Anandi for all you do! I wouldn’t be here or be this person if it weren’t for trusting in the journey and taking this pathway with you to inner peace and oneness."
"What an amazing weekend, thankyou Anandi, Krys, practitioners and like minded people taking part. Now I get it! After feeling two very strong times of receiving energy, I get it. Wow, am still today ‘buzzing’ and in awe, particularly of yesterday."
"What absolute epicness! What a weekend! I can’t even begin to comprehend what we all received this weekend. Thank you Anandi for your endless drive and passion and compassion for all. I love your truth and honesty and how everything can shift so easily in your space and in your presence. Thank you for the time and effort you put into everything so we can walk with you. Thank you for showing us how to do the work and how to live in a way that feels so right. It truly is everything"
“This course was amazing! It taught me life skills that have helped me to deeply heal my body (when nothing else worked), quieten my mind (when it would race) and transform the hurdles of life into little speed bumps, resulting in more ease and flow. There are so many areas of my life that used to be such a struggle for me and thanks to Anandi's teachings , they have gently dissolved and along the way, allowed me to experience life with more colour, more joy and more happiness within and all around me. I highly recommend the Sano Method, it will blow your socks off!”
"Wow, what an incredible space to be in ❤️❤️❤️...an incredible 2 days which changed me forever. Thank you Anandi for everything that you do and give others so selflessly...I myself am eternally grateful to walk this road and take the journey home to self I am so looking forward to the intensive ...I will be 🤯🤯🤯 blown away, so to speak...yet again... Thank you "
"What an incredible space to be in! It was so wonderful to meet so many new faces and see the changes that happened for them over the 2 days.
Krys, thank you. Everything ran so smoothly 🙏🏻
Thank you Anandi for asking me to assist 🙏🏻 Thank you for all that was given… it was so so special. So much healing, growing and opening into stillness for everyone"

"Wow, such an amazing weekend, totally exceeded all expectations and I’m so grateful that I went 🙏🙏
It’s difficult to put into words the experience and to hear what my mum felt/experienced was so special 💗💗
So much respect for your love and wisdom and tough words and soft words Anandi 🙏
ANWAs are very special but AWWA’s (a weekend with Anandi) are even better!
Bring on the next AWWA!"

"Thank you barely feels like an adequate response to all that was shared and given Anandi Sano and Krystle. The energy has been flowing so strongly since the moment I said yes. The healing given to me and my family has been beyond words, and with so much more to come. I am moved to tears for this journey of Self and allowing of all I am meant to be in this life time. The gentleness and presence of every practitioner over the weekend was truly felt and appreciated. Hugs to all!"
"Thank you both and the beautiful volunteers for the most incredible 2 days of my life. All that was given and experienced was just so special. I met so many wonderful people and I look forward to spending more time together "
"So beautiful the whole weekend. Thank you so much for everything that was offered and shared. I feel deeply touched by what I experienced. "
"Thank you so much for a wonderful two days. 5day intensive all booked in. No excuses. Let’s get layered!!!! "
"What an honour to be in the presence of Anandi and to receive her guidance, healing and blessings!
Thank you Anandi Krystle and volunteers for an incredible, productive two days…. Now… to continue my personal healing with better knowledge and confidence! "

"What a weekend that was! 🤯Mind blowing. What gets me is how “simple” it is and I feel like a ton of bricks have been lifted off my shoulders. Thank you to source, Anandi, Krys and all the beautiful souls helping. You are the bee’s knees!💜 "
"This weekend hit all the feels, what an amazing thing to be witness to people's experience..such a privilege. So much beauty and joy.
Thank you to Anandi for the space, the energy and the rawness of her message at the end of yesterday. So much to be thankful for. "

"Than you Anandi and everyone else for such a lovely weekend filled with authentic connection. I’m left with a “sweet taste” in my being today. "
Additional Reasons You Might Benefit
When stress hits, you often retreat into emotional numbness or you come out fighting—it's your go-to defense. Expressing rich, full emotions like joy, happiness, or peace feels nearly impossible, leaving you to wonder if you're missing the "express yourself in a balanced way" gene. Even methods like pillow-hitting or shouting in private only provide temporary relief from your inner struggles.
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Despite trying numerous courses, yoga, meditation, consulting therapists, and devouring self-help books, you find yourself back at square one. Your doctor, acupuncturist, and therapist often suggest just "less stress" or "taking it easy." Sometimes, they might even recommend another specialist or a new medication to try.
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No matter your efforts, you feel like you're chained to an enormous boulder, and right now, seeking refuge beneath it seems like the only viable option.
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Sometimes, despite your best intentions, harsh and damaging words spill out before you can stop them, wounding those closest to you like your partner or children. It's as if your mindfulness has a short circuit.
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 Whenever you try to meditate or practice yoga, staying focused seems impossible, and quieting your mind feels like an unachievable task.
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Detrimental habits and addictions take control, bringing obsession, pain, self-loathing, and shame, yet they offer a semblance of control, safety, and security. These habits aren't limited to extreme cases like drug use; more socially accepted forms, such as excessive exercise or an obsession with diet, can also be addictive.
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You find yourself continuously seeking help from various holistic practitioners, experts, and transformational coaches, attempting to uncover the root of your ongoing challenges. Despite some progress, you feel there's still something crucially amiss.
Let Us Help You Change This
Bendat Centre - Auditorium
36 Dodd Street Wembley
Western Australia

FRIDAY 12th and Saturday 13th July 2024
8.30 AM
16.30 PM 

When you sign up you will be given access to the online theory course component which must be completed before attending, so please leave ample time to complete the online course content. 
What will I learn during this workshop?

In this workshop, you'll delve into the core principles teachings of Peiec Healing, engaging in both theoretical and hands-on learning to foster your journey towards deeper connection, inner peace and stillness, healing and and growth.

Who is this workshop for?

This workshop is crafted for individuals earnestly seeking to deepen their understanding and connection to themselves, Source and the world around them. If Anandi's teachings resonate with you, this workshop is a step towards embracing a more profound, serene clarity amidst daily life.

Will Anandi be personally instructing during the workshop?

Yes, Anandi will be personally guiding you through the transformative practices and teachings, sharing her profound insights and nurturing your journey.

What is the format of the workshop?

The workshop is a blend of online theoretical learning and in-person practical experiences where you'll engage with the hands-on techniques/practices of the Peiec Healing Methodology under Anandi's guidance.

What should I prepare for the workshop?

Come with an open heart and a keen mind. Prior to the workshop, you'll receive access to online materials to familiarize yourself with the theoretical aspects of the Peiec Healing.

Is there a community of individuals I can connect with post-workshop?

Absolutely! This workshop is also a gateway into a compassionate community of like-minded individuals. Together, you'll continue to explore, grow, and support each other on this spiritual expedition.

What if I have more questions before deciding to join the workshop?

We welcome your inquiries and reflections. Feel free to book a discovery call or reach out to our support team for any further clarification you might require.

Is there a limit to the number of attendees?

Yes, to maintain a conducive and intimate learning environment, we have limited the number of seats. We encourage early registration to secure your spot.

How do I secure my spot for the workshop?

Click on the "Reserve My Spot" button on this page, follow the registration process, and you'll be on your way to an enlightening two-day experience with Anandi and a warm, supportive community.


Places are limited and the Workshop will be closed off by the 29th June, or when places are full, so please book your place early. Online course curriculum must be completed and practiced before attending the in-person days

You will receive an email upon registration, please ensure you check your promotions/junk box and mark our emails as safe.

Workshop or online course purchases are non-refundable.

Registrations are non-transferable. Please do NOT sell your registration or ticket to anyone — including family, friends, or anyone online. Registration must be in the name of the qualified registrant upon arrival at the event, or your place will not be valid.
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