In our pursuit of understanding ourselves, we often rely heavily on thinking and analysis.

However, true connection with our inner selves goes beyond this. It involves feeling – and I don’t mean your emotions, but tuning into our body’s sensations, our intuition, and the subtle and often not so subtle energetic shifts within, through and around us.

This kind of feeling is instinctual, offering insights that our logical mind will often miss or misinterpret.

Awareness plays a crucial role here. It’s about being fully present, observing our experiences without judgment, thought or analysis.

This awareness leads us to a broader consciousness, a state that transcends our individual experiences and connects us with something larger.

By moving from thinking to feeling and awareness, we open ourselves to a transformative way of experiencing life.

It deepens our self-connection, enriches our relationships, and brings authenticity to our existence. It’s a journey that unfolds a more profound, fulfilling way of living, guiding us towards true self-realization and beyond.


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