For those yearning for authentic connection, deeper meaning, and real-time revelation.


Harmonizing Success And Soul

A Journey beyond the conventional

Step into the realm where Source takes the lead, healing is dynamic, and transformation is a living, breathing experience. Allow yourself the privilege of the unexpected, the profound, and the divinely guided.

I guide spiritual visionaries on a transformative journey, blending spiritual wisdom with profound presence. Together, we explore the depths of the human experience, harnessing your inner energy and aligning it with your personal and life pursuits. My approach helps you transcend traditional boundaries, unlocking new dimensions of healing,  spiritual growth and fulfilment and enabling you to thrive with grace and presence.

“These weeks and the sessions I received were next level to anything I have been through before. One of the reasons I have left other teachers, coaches and mentors behind is because they talk the talk, but there is no walking the walk. Many feel they have arrived at a complete awakening and at their capacity of wholeness, I am in constant awe of the inspiring journey that Anandi continues to take. Anandi’s path shows us all the depth of what is possible and what is available to those who are willing to work for it.

I am yet to hear of anyone else who works as Anandi does; during a simple conversation with her healing takes place. When that space is directed towards you with intention it is truly the most profound and beautiful space you will ever encounter. Every person deserves to be free of the burdens gained through life. Undoubtedly, Anandi offers the fastest way to awaken your higher consciousness. I will be forever grateful for her offerings, guidance, work and standing in the place she does. Many blessings Anandi, thank you is just not a big enough word!”  Jennifer 


Ready for a deep dive into a higher consciousness? Spend an exclusive VIP Day with Anandi. This personalized experience is for those individuals who seek to reconcile their high-stress lifestyle with a deeper, more meaningful spiritual existence.

During your VIP day, you will:

• Engage in powerful, transformative conversations and sessions where you’ll receive wisdom, healing, insights, and guidance directly from Source.
• Experience a profound shift in your consciousness that results in better decision-making, enhanced well-being, and deeper personal understanding.
• Be guided by Anandi’s powerful energy field which in itself has led to spontaneous healing and rapid shifts in consciousness in numerous individuals.

This intensive day is designed to promote personal growth and ignite your transformation journey in an accelerated timeframe.

Availability is limited to ensure each VIP day provides the personal attention deserved. Due the deeply personalized and intensive nature of this offering, availability is extremely limited. We invite you to express your interest and connect with Anandi directly for a detailed, confidential discussion.

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Ready for an immersive journey into the realms of higher consciousness? Anandi offers an extraordinary 3-day retreat, designed specifically for  individuals or a small group who are looking to deepen their spiritual connection, improve their wellbeing, and heighten their performance in all areas of life.
During the retreat, you will:

• Engage in intensive sessions guided by Source, delivering profound insights and immediate shifts in consciousness.
• Experience Anandi’s powerful energy field that has led to spontaneous healing and rapid shifts in consciousness in countless individuals.
• Receive individual or couple guidance from Anandi, drawing on her intuitive insights for your unique journey and challenges.
• Find a new balance between your stressful lifestyle and your spiritual needs, leading to enhanced productivity, peace, and overall life satisfaction.
This transformative journey offers a rare opportunity to realign your life with your authentic self and Source, fostering enhanced harmony in your personal and professional life.

Spaces are limited to ensure an intimate and personal experience.  We invite you to express your interest and connect with Anandi directly for a detailed, confidential discussion..


“I want you to imagine being in the presence of one of the great spiritual masters of our age. Then imagine that that master opens a doorway on your behalf and you find yourself having a conversation with God/Source/the Universe. Not only that but the master acts as a translator so you are 100% clear on the message. That is in a nutshell what “Walking with Anandi” was all about for me.

When Anandi opened the Source doorway, so that the Divine energy flowed through my body, I felt like I was being electrocuted and had no idea how I’d make it through the night. This is powerful stuff that puts you on the healing superhighway. Imagine many days while Anandi partners with Source to heal you 24/7. Anandi, in core, surrenders her life to enable the most profound transformational healing for you. It doesn’t end when the program finishes either.

Anandi assisted me to heal many long standing issues, which had been holding me back, involving my career, romantic relationship, parents, creativity, recognition, the ability to be seen and heard, to name a few.

Through Anandi’s program, my vibration rose higher and higher. First, I was able to spend a whole day in pure presence and then 3 days. I could never have dreamt of this possibility. Life like this is an experience so sublime – energy, presence, clarity and infinite possibility. When I popped out of that space, I didn’t surrender back into the lower vibrations of pain, anger and sadness. Anandi coached me to thank the Universe for another opportunity for healing.

There are no words sufficient to express my appreciation for all that Anandi has done for me. If you have a chance to work with Anandi, jump.” Alex (Lawyer)

Embarking on a journey with me is an exploration of self and purpose.

I don’t adhere to predefined scripts or methods; instead, I connect with the energy you bring to our session, allowing it to guide us.

How you engage with your inner self reflects how you engage with the world.

You may discover that the transformation that elevates your life will also reawaken your relationships, fill your spirit with peace, bring profound healing and align you with your true essence.



During our initial conversation, we will feel if our energies align, and craft a personalized path that leads you to where you want to be.

Connect with me for an initial conversation below

“All I can say is wow. It’s not easy to impress me but the healing abilities of Anandi are just incredible. I’m the CEO of Roccoco and I’ve been running on nervous energy and tension for years. My leg would constantly jiggle with nervous energy.

I decided to just have a casual conversation with Anandi and within less than 60 minutes I went from scattered and frazzled to calm and focused. What is even more incredible is I’ve stayed like that and it’s been over a month. Truly incredible ” Jacine

Connect with me: @anandisano

Anandi Sano, a visionary in the field of healing and human potential, represents a rare confluence of scientific insight and spiritual revelation. As the creator of peiec® Energy Healing, she has introduced a unique methodology that emerges directly from her ability to channel teachings from Source, resulting in over 50 distinctive techniques that resonate with the very core of human essence.

This connection to Source is not an abstract concept but a living experience for Anandi. Her techniques are not crafted through trial and error but are channeled live, unveiled in real-time, and shared immediately with students. Far from being an esoteric process, this direct transmission has proven to be both gentle and effective, leading to tangible transformations.

Anandi’s journey has been marked by extraordinary encounters and awakenings, leading her to an unparalleled understanding of energy, consciousness, and healing. Her approach, while rooted in this mystical communion, is accessible and resonates across various fields..

A USA Today and International best-selling author, Anandi’s teachings articulate her profound insights and methodologies, bridging the mystical and the practical. 

Anandi’s presence and teachings are transformational, with numerous testimonials highlighting experiences of spontaneous healing and rapid shifts in consciousness. These outcomes are consistent, and repeatable, and stand as evidence of the power of her connection to Source.

In a world that often seeks empirical answers, Anandi Sano offers a pathway that transcends conventional understanding without dismissing it. Her work is an invitation to explore new healing and self-realization horizons. It represents a harmonious convergence of science and spirituality, leading to a new paradigm of empowerment and alignment.

 My Father was in his mid 70’s when he met Anandi Sano. During an afternoon visit while sitting in her company for a few hours his experience of life was about change. Anandi did not touch him, or focus on healing.  She was meeting him for the first time and  just sat and talked about business and every day life.

For anyone who has lived with chronic pain you may understand the physical and mental toll it takes on you. Unable to do the things you desire and everyday tasks like making a cup of tea become difficult and the pain is simply overwhelming. My dad had been suffering this way for quite some time, it had become difficult to walk, however sitting and even laying had become unbearable at this point too.
A diagnosis of myalgia pain, commonly given when there are no real answers or reasons found for the pain. Treatment options are limited and more trial and error. Often, they have little to no effect, yet also cause side effects of their own.

This was the point my father was at on the day he met Anandi Sano for the first time, a life of limitations and great pain. While sitting with Anandi he was feeling things shift, his swollen hands and joints changed. Even his skin colour went from dark almost purplish to a normal colour on his hands, feet, and ankles. He was also able to sit more comfortably during the visit. By the end of the visit, he actually stood up out of the chair by himself and walked!!.

In the days that followed he experienced his legs shifting, he explained it like previous broken bones where realigning themselves. While it was uncomfortable, he had noticed a significant shift in the myalgia pain over those following days. In the week that followed he was up and able to walk around with greater ease than he had for a long time. And going forward he continued to experience huge benefits to his health. The mental load of the pain shifted too, and this became a life altering experience for him too.

He was once again able to live and get out about. Over the past 5 years he has been able to pursue several more life goals, he went travelling, got back into riding motorbikes, racing cars and learning to fly. So much changed from that first connection, it was powerful and life altering in so many ways, and me…. well I was so grateful to have my dad back. Thank you Anandi!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Anandi's approach to transformation and healing

Anandi operates in the realm of the unscripted, channeling guidance directly from Source. She doesn’t adhere to rigid processes or scripts. Instead, she lets Source guide her, ensuring that each session unfolds exactly as you need it. In Anandi’s presence, many people experience spontaneous healing and rapid shifts in consciousness.

Who is an ideal client for Anandi?

Anandi works with high-performance leaders who have reached the pinnacle of success but yearn for deeper connections, meaning, and transformative experiences. Her clients often seek to bridge their professional success with spiritual fulfillment, aiming to align themselves with a higher consciousness.

Does Anandi use a specific healing modality

Anandi is the creator of peiec® Energy Healing, a unique healing modality that involves over 50 distinctive techniques. However, during one-on-one sessions, she works beyond the confines of any particular method. Guided by Source, she provides whatever is needed in the moment to facilitate healing and transformation.

How are sessions with Anandi conducted?

Sessions with Anandi are held virtually or in person, depending on the agreement. Anandi ensures that each session is conducted in a safe, sacred space where transformative energy flows freely. Privacy and confidentiality are maintained at all times.

What if I don't have a spiritual background or beliefs?

Anandi’s guidance is not tied to any specific religious or spiritual belief system. Her focus is on connecting individuals to Source and facilitating transformation and healing that resonate at a deeply personal level. Whether or not you identify as spiritual, you may still find profound value in Anandi’s sessions.

How long does it take to experience transformation or healing?

Transformation is a deeply personal process and the time it takes varies from person to person. Some individuals experience immediate shifts, while others notice changes unfolding more gradually. Anandi facilitates your journey, but the pace of your transformation ultimately depends on you.

How can I work with Anandi?

To work with Anandi, click the “Book a Consultation” button on our website. Please note that spots are limited due to the personalized nature of the sessions.

“Just in case the opportunity arises for you to work with Anandi for 10 weeks, I thoroughly recommend that you jump in and take that opportunity.

My experience is one that I am and will be forever grateful for to Anandi and Source, and to myself for stepping up into greater wholeness of being. Journeys with Anandi are never ‘easy’ as such, and why would you want them to be when you have such a great opportunity for growth and healing?

During my first session with Anandi, she took me on a journey of discovery, of healing, of remembering and connecting to self and to Source culminating in a profound, beautiful loving connection of coming Home that words cannot adequately express. I felt the core connection to Source so powerfully, the tears flowed with Oneness and love – just so much love. If I gained nothing else in the twelve weeks, I would still have been happy and so very grateful.

I feel so much more expansive and many things continue to reveal themselves as time continues. I’ve made long-needed changes in my business; I feel a greater personal power that shines gently in many areas; family complexities are more in flow; I have a voice and use it confidently, speaking up when it matters. I share more of self with a willingness to be vulnerable and accepting of self just as I am. I see the beauty of self and others even more clearly coming from a place of love easily.

I’m so grateful for the changes that occur when in the energy with Anandi, (and for who knows how long afterward as well).”  Jan (CEO)

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