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Dear Seeker,

Are you feeling a profound pull towards something greater, a deeper understanding of your own existence, and a community that resonates with your core? You’re not alone on this quest.


What Clients Say 

This has been a life changer for me. I have gone from a racing mind full of anxiety and depression to a place of stillness and a greater presence. As I progress on this journey the greater my acceptance becomes. This is truly a journey of healing and learning to live in the truth of self


I used to believe that I had to go through hardships and struggle as it was my ‘karma’, that I had to repay, make amends, be a better person, while also believing that I’d never be good enough; that that was reserved for the select few. Through the teachings of Anandi Sano, I have now found the truth of who I am, the beauty of who I am, the stillness within, the calmness, the enoughness – that place within… home, Perfect


I am in awe of what you teach, of how you are able to show people their depths while healing. It has been an incredible journey and I have never known who I truly was before meeting you and learning what you teach. I know so much more about myself now than I ever have. Thank you for all that you do and all that you give so we can walk this path with you


You Are Invited

Welcome to a sacred space where your yearning for spiritual depth is not just understood, but passionately shared. Here, under the gentle guidance of Anandi, you’re invited to explore, expand, and truly experience the profound peace that resides within.

Your Guide: Anandi

Anandi is not just a guide; she’s a companion on your journey towards inner serenity and spiritual growth. With a unique, powerful and gentle approach, Anandi will assist you in navigating the path of self-discovery, helping you to unveil the tranquility and understanding you’ve been seeking.

Our Community

Join a heartfelt community of like-minded seekers, where your experiences, insights, and journey are shared and supported. It’s not just about individual growth; it’s about evolving together, forming bonds that last a lifetime.

Personalized Approach

Anandi’s method is far from a one-size-fits-all approach. It’s a deeply personal journey tailored to meet you where you are, to help you uncover the layers of your being and to delve into a deeper understanding of life and spirituality.

Ready to Take the Next Step?

Are you ready to delve deeper into the realms of spiritual understanding, to experience a serenity that permeates every aspect of your life, and to join a community that supports and uplifts you on this profound journey?

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We are thrilled to invite you to book a discovery call. This is an opportunity for you to share your journey so far, your hopes, your hesitations, and to see how Anandi’s program can serve as a catalyst for your spiritual growth.



Seekers of healing and Spiritual Growth
Individuals on a Self-Healing Path
Visionaries Eager for Conscious Awakening
Anyone Ready for a Life-Changing Odyssey


What Clients Say 

My whole life I have been searching for that thing, an inner knowing that there is something more to this life, so much more to discover and uncover about myself and finding that connection to myself and wholeness of being. I never knew what it was that I was searching for, but you show us how to get there and deepen that connection as far as we are willing to go.
Thank you for this incredible gift of deep transformation that you share with us. It is an incredibly sacred and special journey and I am so grateful to have you as my teacher, mentor, and guide


Thank you for showing us the path. Thank you for taking my hand and walking beside me. I searched a long time for how to find that connection, it was something I yearned for deep within myself. It is becoming my desire and purpose to be in that space, to be in silence, to be present and allow all to flow


“I would never have believed that I can overcome the overwhelm, stress and negativity I was living every day, let alone maintain my own inner peace. I have moved forwards at lightspeed and healed in ways I could never have imagined. Any time I get off kilter I can quickly and easily bring myself back on track. I never have imagined that this could be my reality…..I’m absolutely loving life and I am truly living for the very first time. Thank you Anandi for sharing and teaching tools and always, gently, calmly and steadfastly leading the way.


Welcome to your Year of Transformation!

This Program offer a path into deep inner work that accelerates and elevates your healing and consciousness and expands the energy you can hold.  I am delighted and blessed to walk with you!



What’s Included:

– Access to all group programs and paid teachings your participated in during your year
– Immediate entry to the Pathway to Peace Vault—70+ hours of The Sano Method Teachings, Techniques, and Q&As
– Fortnightly Live Q&A and group practice sessions
– Experience healing through Anandi’s unique energy
– Build close friendships within a peer group.

Admission is by application call ONLY, ensuring a community founded on trust, acceptance, and mutual support.

Important Note:
This program is not for everyone. It’s for those who are 100% committed to diving deep, interacting within the community, and supporting others in their journeys. If your inner calling has grown louder than the external noise, it’s time to listen.

COST OF PROGRAM : For a limited time

AUD $6000

Do you feel like 12 months is too much? We can offer you a shorter 6-month journey with powerful techniques, the blueprint of what Anandi used to heal herself. Please speak to Krystle about your options.

AUD $3200 


What Clients Say 

If go back 10 years, I wouldn’t have ever guessed that I’d be standing where I am now. I couldn’t have predicted my life would turn out this way, I had no idea if I’d ever find what it was I was searching for, and meeting you in this lifetime to show me how. Being with you on this journey shows me the truth of where I am is perfect, and what is to come will be..and it’s part of enjoying the journey. And I find that as I heal deeply, my connection in the stillness continues to deepen and my baby lake of stillness and peace is gently growing within me. Thank you for showing me that everything is possible.”


I saw deep healing and inner peace  as unattainable because the path shown by others was difficult. It was a life absorbing commitment, and required you to dissolve everything in your current life and give up areas of life.

But now I see it as a path taken, a way of life, an undercurrent of how life can be led in an everyday way. That the only deciding factor is if you choose to follow this path. It is yours in any way, at speed, slowly, gently or however, you allow it to be within you.

Living life opens up the beauty of life, and more and more unfolds as I go along.


The thing I had been searching for was within me… and never in a million years would I have thought the calmness I have now was possible for me, and yet now the realization that I do not even know what is actually possible for me is huge….
What a journey


Meet your guide:@anandisano

Anandi Sano is not just a name but a resonance—of transformation, healing, and spiritual evolution. At the crossroads of science and spirituality, Anandi channels live, moment-resonating techniques through her unique communion with the consciousness of Source. This isn’t ancient philosophy; it’s a living, breathing transformative experience.

As a USA Today and International best-selling author, healer, and educator, Anandi stands as a beacon of empowerment. Her 50+ distinctive peiec® techniques are revolutionizing healing, transcending individual betterment to reshape humanity’s spiritual destiny.

Her energy field is both gentle and formidable, reported to ignite spontaneous healing and rapid shifts in consciousness in those fortunate enough to experience it.

Why Learn From Anandi?

  • Deeply Personal, Yet Grand Mission: Anandi aims to guide healers, leaders, seekers, visionaries, and anyone open to transformation.
  • Holistic Approach: Her teachings bridge the gap between science and spirituality, professional excellence, and personal fulfillment.
  • The Journey Awaits: With Anandi, you embark on an extraordinary exploration of your soul’s unseen landscapes.

Join Anandi in this empowering expedition. Unlock a world within you that you never knew existed.


What Clients Say About The Importance of Community

Very important. It’s created some lovely friendships with like-minded people travelling a similar path. It’s provided experiences of support and caring. It’s provided an avenue to share wins and struggles and to practice techniques. When some people charge ahead with periods of growth it shows what is possible. When someone is vulnerable, creates compassion and trust. And when others are struggling with similar things, it provides validation and self/other compassion. It also provides a sense of belonging and a sense of community. It’s super important.


SO important. The people I called for help in the past had been family and friends who may have listened, advised and maybe a hug…but was also filled with judgement and unwanted advice. What I really needed was for someone to say I’ve got you and go through my layers.
The peiec community have never judged me and someone has always been there to help me with layers when needed. They have also been there to hold me accountable! Have you done your layers? Checked your threads? Do you need help?
We also practise together and support each other in our practice.
Friendships have formed in a way I NEVER imagined and I am blessed everyday to have peiec and the friendships I have today


COMMUNITY is so so so important.
They are like actual family, they see you, they support you, they got your back, they help when they are able to.
Without community, this journey would not be the same.
I am so grateful for each one of them



Do I need any energy healing experience to learn the Sano Method of peiec ?

None whatsoever. This program is designed for anyone who has never done energy work before and for those who have.

Energy work is an integral and incredibly efficient vehicle to achieving significant shifts in your life, and as you’ll soon see for yourself, anyone is capable of doing it. You already have everything you need to do the work and Anandi will show you exactly how to either reveal those gifts to you or to enhance them further.

Is there scientific proof behind the idea of energy work?

The concept that everything is energy is based modern scientific proof to support its claims. A variety of major universities and professors have researched and verified both the existence of the validity of the flow of energy from our bodies and our ability to influence them. 

Just as important as the scientific evidence is the experiential evidence. Do an online search and you’ll find countless people who swear by the effectiveness of Energy Work. 

How long does it take to see results?

There are many variables that influence the speed of your success with energy work. Personal circumstances, the current state of your energy and your frequency of practice are all factors that can affect this.

Some people experience results straight away. For others, it may take longer. We can promise that as long as you stay committed to working through he coursework, engaging and practising with community you will see improvements. By the end of the program, you will have excelled and created a new reality for yourself.

Can I study at my own pace?

Absolutely! We would just ask that you endeavour to connect with others in your online community, practice with others, attend regular webinars, if you can,  and commit to some of the group support  Zoom calls. What’s most important is your commitment and consistency in completing the entire process. 

How much time do I need to commit?

We understand that life is busy and can be chaotic. This program is designed to be self paced. It is up to you how much time you choose to commit. The most important thing is to be consistent, engage with the community and make a regular commitment to be on our live webinars so get to ask your questions , and meet others on this journey. Our clients love the flexibility this program offers them and this helps with their progress.

Is this program only online

We know how people love to learn face to face within groups but many people don’t have days to take out of their busy schedule to come to a courses so we are excited to announce that our programs are available online. We also wanted to make this unique and powerful curriculum available for anyone around the world and to do that it needed to be online. We do however offer additional exclusive in-person events to our community.

What exactly is the Sano Year Program?

The Sano Year Program is a transformative journey designed to help individuals find relief from pain, anxiety, overwhelm, burnout, feeling lost, ill health etc etc . Through holistic techniques and a supportive community, participants can navigate life’s challenges and embark on a path of personal growth and deeper understanding.

How is the Sano Year Program different from other healing programs?

The uniqueness of the Sano Year Program lies in its blend of practical healing tools, a supportive community, having access to the founder of peiec,  and a wonderful journey of  personal growth. It’s not just about addressing immediate concerns but also about discovering a deeper appreciation of life.


How long is the program and what is the format?

The program spans 12 months, offering online learning platforms, a close knit community, a library of recorded webinars, 24/7 access to materials and step by step  instructional videos, and fortnightly webinars.


Who is this program designed for?

Individuals seeking tools and techniques to address physical issues, emotional turbulence, and life’s uncertainties.
Those looking to reconnect with themselves and build genuine connections with others.
People curious about deeper personal and spiritual growth, beyond just the immediate healing.
Seekers yearning for a supportive community that shares their journey towards a brighter, more peaceful fulfilled life.


Who might this program NOT be suitable for?

Individuals looking for a quick-fix solution without commitment to the process.
Those who are not open to exploring new techniques and perspectives.
People who are not comfortable with group settings or community-based learning.
Anyone expecting purely clinical or traditional therapeutic interventions.

Can I opt for certification?

Yes! There’s an optional pathway for certification, allowing you to further empower yourself, your family, and your community.

What kind of support can I expect during the program?

Participants benefit from an enriched, supportive community, fortnightly webinars with Anandi, and continuous growth and transformation assistance at every step.

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