Injuries that stubbornly resist healing

Have you ever experienced injuries that stubbornly resist healing, or simply don’t improve, no matter what treatments you try or specialists you consult?

Pause for a moment and consider this intriguing possibility: every part of your body, each organ, has its own unique energetic layers that affect them.

These layers can become imprinted with low-vibrating energies from various life moments. These could arise from incidents, spoken words, a glance, or even the atmosphere of a challenging environment.

Imagine how the emotions and words of your surgical team, their thoughts and states of mind on the day of your operation, might subtly influence the energetic layers of, say, your shoulder that underwent surgery.

Or reflect on how your own self-critical thoughts, lamenting that unfortunate skateboard incident, might affect your body’s recovery process.

Even the emotions and conversations in a waiting room, shared among patients all seeking relief, could impact these energetic layers.

All these scenarios, along with countless others, can contribute to a layering effect on your energetic self, embedding in ways that can impede the natural healing process.

Now, envision a world where you can energetically shift these embedded energies in your body’s layers, removing the disruptive elements and allowing your body to do what it is inherently designed to do – heal itself.

This concept isn’t just a hopeful notion. It is the core of what we teach in our courses, and the outcomes for many people have been extraordinary.

Join us and step into a new reality that will not only amaze you but leave you in awe.

Where the act of breathing takes a rest

Imagine a moment in your journey with peiec® Energy Healing where everything around you slows down, and the constant rush of life fades into a tranquil stillness.

This is the essence of the ‘no breath state’, a significant phase in the practice that opens the door to profound healing and spiritual awakening.

As you gently settle into the Core of Self during peiec®, something remarkable begins to happen.

Your breath, which often goes unnoticed amidst the daily hustle, starts to slow, and at times, it may even pause.

This isn’t about consciously stopping your breath; it’s about naturally entering a space where the breath ceases.

It’s a sign that you’ve reached an extraordinary depth of inner peace and connection.

In this serene state, where the act of breathing takes a rest, you open yourself to profound healing.

The stillness isn’t just a pause; it’s a potent space brimming with transformative potential.

As you let go of control and expectation in this moment, you allow the healing energies to flow through you effortlessly and effectively.

This pause in breathing is a rare and cherished moment, offering a glimpse into deep, encompassing peace.

It’s a reminder of the tranquility that lies within, often buried under layers of thoughts and life’s chaos.

While the absence of breath might initially seem unusual or even alarming, it’s essential to trust in your body’s innate wisdom.

The body instinctively knows when to breathe, and this natural pause state is a part of the journey, a sign of deep connection with the self.

As you experience this state, maintaining a sense of groundedness is crucial. The excitement of realizing “I’ve achieved it!” can swiftly pull you out of this profound state.

Instead, it’s more beneficial to relax into the experience, savouring the peace and allowing it to naturally unfold.

Whether you choose to remain in this core state for meditation or proceed to work through your energetic layers, embracing the no breath state is a powerful tool for your healing and spiritual growth.

It offers a pathway to calm and release, to discover and nurture, bringing balance to your entire being.

In essence, the no breath state in peiec® is more than just a practice; it’s a journey into the depth of stillness and peace.

It’s an opportunity to unlock immense potential for healing, growth and inner harmony.

This practice serves as a testament to the power of stillness, a reminder of the peace that resides within each of us, waiting to be embraced and explored.

Delicate touch and the exchange of energy

In the delicate touch, be it through energy work or physical contact, there lies a deeper, often missed connection.

It’s more than the physical meeting of a hand on or off a body; it’s an exchange, a dance of subtle energies.

But the true essence of this connection is only realized in the realm of presence.
When we touch someone, a channel of energy opens. However, the purity of this connection hinges on our state of mind, our state of presence, and our state of being.

If we are lost in thought, distracted, or preoccupied, the connection may falter. The energy might still flow, but the clarity and precision of that connection are compromised.

It’s akin to trying to fit a key into a lock while blindfolded. You may eventually find the keyhole, but the process lacks finesse and intention.

When fully present, every slight adjustment of your hand – a gentle shift left or right, a subtle movement – can feel momentous.
It’s as though the key not only finds the keyhole but turns with a satisfying click, unlocking a door to deeper healing and understanding.

This principle holds true even when working off the body.

The question to ask yourself is: Are you truly present? Or are your thoughts elsewhere, diluting the potency of your connection?

Being present isn’t just about physical proximity; it’s about being wholly there, mentally and emotionally, physically and spiritually attuned to the person you are with.

Finding this level of connection requires tuning in from a place of deep stillness within. It’s in this state of inner silence that you can sense, with heightened awareness, the precise moment of connection – the exact bandwidth where your energies align.
The moment this alignment is achieved, the shift is palpable.

There’s an expansiveness, a sense of oneness that envelops both you and the person you’re working with.

It’s a testament to the power of presence and the profound effects of a pure, focused connection.

In these moments, we are reminded of the beauty and responsibility that come with the art of touch.

It’s a journey of continuous learning and being in deep presence – a dance of connection that flows most purely when our minds are clear, and we are fully immersed in the divine.


Your hands and energy healing

In the intricate dance of energy work, the hands play just one of the pivotal roles, each possessing its own unique sensitivity and capability.

Unlike many physical tasks where we often rely on a dominant hand, peiec energy work invites us to explore and value the distinct contributions of both hands.

This journey into the balanced use of our hands can deepen our understanding of energy work, consciousness and enhance our practice.

Each hand, in the realm of energy healing, can be seen as having its own ‘perspective’ or way of sensing and interacting with energy.

Just like our eyes work together to give depth perception, our hands can provide a more nuanced and complete understanding of the energy spaces we work with and in.

One hand might feel more attuned to sensing energy, while the other could be more adept at directing or modulating this energy.

Encouraging the use of both hands separately in practice allows us to explore and develop these capabilities, leading to a more balanced and effective healing process.

This is then reflected within our body and mind and nervous system. Even more importantly it reflects in the way that our layers of self open and respond to change.
In our daily lives, we often unconsciously favour one hand for most tasks, leading to a dominance that can overshadow the potential of the other.

In peiec, consciously engaging both hands allows for a more balanced development and prevents the overreliance on one hand.
This approach not only diversifies our skill set in energy work but also enhances our overall sensitivity and efficacy in practice.

By cultivating an equal partnership between both hands, we open ourselves to a richer and more harmonious healing experience, both for ourselves and those we assist.

This is the essence of why peiec offers over 50 distinct techniques – to facilitate profound transformations across multiple levels of being.

Many blessings

Release the underlying energies

One of the main teachings in Peiec® focuses on releasing what is held in the “layers of self.” These layers can be understood as different aspects or dimensions of an individual’s being, each holding various energies and experiences.
Instead of directly engaging with our emotions or thoughts themselves, this method aims to release the underlying energies that may be influencing or generating these thoughts and emotions.

The goal is to reach a state where the mind becomes empty and the body still. In this state, thoughts and perceptions can be observed and explored from a place of clarity and calmness, without being overwhelmed or driven by the emotional content.

Why is this approach so Effective?

Directly addressing the layers of self can be seen as targeting the root of the issue, rather than just the symptoms (thoughts and emotions).

By releasing the energies held in these layers, the fundamental source of distress or imbalance may be resolved.

This approach can lead to a more profound and lasting sense of peace and stability.
When the underlying energies are cleared, the mind’s habitual patterns and emotional reactions can change more fundamentally.

It allows for a non-confrontational way of dealing with difficult thoughts and emotions.

Instead of engaging directly with potentially painful or challenging content, it focuses on creating a state of inner peace and emptiness, from which these issues can be observed and understood more clearly.