Release the underlying energies

One of the main teachings in Peiec® focuses on releasing what is held in the “layers of self.” These layers can be understood as different aspects or dimensions of an individual’s being, each holding various energies and experiences.
Instead of directly engaging with our emotions or thoughts themselves, this method aims to release the underlying energies that may be influencing or generating these thoughts and emotions.

The goal is to reach a state where the mind becomes empty and the body still. In this state, thoughts and perceptions can be observed and explored from a place of clarity and calmness, without being overwhelmed or driven by the emotional content.

Why is this approach so Effective?

Directly addressing the layers of self can be seen as targeting the root of the issue, rather than just the symptoms (thoughts and emotions).

By releasing the energies held in these layers, the fundamental source of distress or imbalance may be resolved.

This approach can lead to a more profound and lasting sense of peace and stability.
When the underlying energies are cleared, the mind’s habitual patterns and emotional reactions can change more fundamentally.

It allows for a non-confrontational way of dealing with difficult thoughts and emotions.

Instead of engaging directly with potentially painful or challenging content, it focuses on creating a state of inner peace and emptiness, from which these issues can be observed and understood more clearly.