Step into the Beginning of What is to Become…

Brought to the world by Anandi Sano, the modern teachings and techniques given by Source reveal the profound path to lasting inner peace, healing, deep inner stillness and the highest states of consciousness. Are you ready to embark on an extraordinary journey of self-discovery?

Your Guide to Modern Consciousness, Inner Stillness, Healing, and Peace

In 2012, Anandi Sano experienced a profound, life-changing encounter with the energy and consciousness of Source while connecting with her father on his deathbed. This extraordinary event marked the beginning of a transformative journey that would redefine her life and purpose.

Initially resistant to the divine revelations, Anandi struggled to accept the immense responsibility bestowed upon her. But as the teachings from Source continued to unfold, she eventually embraced her calling with unwavering dedication. These teachings, specifically revealed for the modern world, encompass profound teachings, practices and techniques for deep consciousness, inner stillness, healing, and lasting profound inner peace.

Anandi’s life is now devoted to sharing this new philosophy, guiding others through the unique and powerful practices and teachings given by Source. Her journey is not just a story of personal transformation but an invitation for you to step into a realm of profound growth and healing.

Join Anandi on this path and explore the sacred teachings that have the power to transform your life.

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Where do I start…. The surgical transplant team is just blown away by how my husband is. He is doing so well and does not have to go on dialysis straight up. They have never had anyone come out at 100%. It can normally take a while to wake a transplanted kidney up, sometimes up to 6 months. He is fully functioning!

My husband is a changed man; he is so different. So happy and looking forward to life. I really cannot express my gratitude. Thank you thank you thank you. Mega blessings.


Today marks 6 months antidepressant Medication free!  and not just that, I have had ZERO panic attacks and ZERO “low” days during this time. This is a huge milestone for me, as it’s the longest period I have been medication free in my ENTIRE adult life. (I’m 33 years old)
I have struggled with severe anxiety and bouts of depression since I was in my late teens, and then postnatal depression after having my daughter 2 years ago.  Thank you Anandi and peiec healing for literally turning my life around.


After suffering with the challenges of Encopresis for over 5 years, what a significant difference in how your healing method has worked compared to conventional medicine.

Years of suffering and embarrassing experiences have completely disappeared.

With no longer having the fear of leaving the house and having an accident or living with the symptoms of constant constipation and diarrhea, it has also changed my confidence and anxiety levels.

Thank you for not just the knowledge gained during the training but for the constant and amazing shifts received.


A timeless retreat into your inner sacred world

This NEW 43-minute music track, created by Anandi,  is infused with her divine energy and can be used for meditation, yoga, peiec practice, and deep rest states. It accelerates healing, spiritual growth and raises consciousness.

Anandi’s teachings are indeed profound, and to be in her presence this is known, felt and experienced.
A lot of other teachers out there reformulate other teachings and methodologies they have learnt, branding it as their own unique programs.
I love that Anandi’s teachings are 100% authentic and from direct guidance from Source/God and not learnt or taken from any book, method or teachings elsewhere. That is what makes Anandi’s teachings and the methodology of peiec- the energetic layers and techniques given to heal so powerful and unique.
When you know, you know!


Anandi’s teachings and methodologies are so unique. I have never seen or experienced anything like what Anandi teaches and the messages she receives and the live information that is given by Source and how it is received via the purity of Source energy. The purity of energy within the messages and learning is stunningly beautiful. Like nothing else. Like no one else


Being in your presence Anandi, hearing the wisdom and truth you share and seeing the profound healing that unfolds time after time speaks for itself. I never get tired of hearing how you see, hear and experience life, and what is possible for our healing, personal and spiritual growth and raising our vibration and state of consciousness! I am constantly learning, healing and growing exponentially, being here on this journey with you


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