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With a diverse and impactful career spanning over twenty-five years, Anandi Sano’s journey is a remarkable tapestry of growth, healing, and empowerment. An International best-selling author, spiritual visionary, entrepreneur, teacher, speaker  and master healer, her work transcends conventional boundaries and reaches into the very essence of well-being and success.

01. Transformation Through Presence

Anandi’s state of presence isn’t just a philosophy; it’s a tangible energy that leads to profound transformation. If you are spiritual seeker longing for inner peace, Anandi’s unique presence guides you to unlock your true potential. Experience the power of presence that transcends words and becomes a transformative force in every aspect of your life.

02. Empathy and Compassion in Healing

In the heart of Anandi’s teachings lies a deep compassion for all life forms. Her approach to healing is gentle, yet effective, embracing each individual’s journey with empathy. Clients and students find a partner in success, a nurturing guide, and  a compassionate mentor. Join Anandi’s journey and discover a healing path filled with understanding, support, and the compassionate touch that resonates with your unique needs and aspirations.

03. Innovation and Authenticity in Spiritual Growth

With her innovative methods and profound connection to Source, Anandi stands in a class of her own, guiding individuals toward transformative experiences. Whether you are seeking a fresh perspective on healing self, spiritual advancement, or further development, Anandi’s methods offer a unique blend of innovation and authenticity. Explore a new dimension of spiritual growth, healing and transformation that aligns with your values and purpose, guided by Anandi’s genuine insights and groundbreaking techniques.

Proven Success

A Journey of Discovery and Healing

Anandi’s path began in the fields of design and multimedia, then in emergency medicine, H&S regulatory field, and corporate management and consulting, where her contributions to health and safety made a significant impact. She also ran a successful clinic where she specialized in pain and discomfort. But a life-altering encounter with the energy of Source in 2012 ignited a profound transformation.

The connection she experienced led her in 2016 to being a conduit for the teachings from Source which have become  The Sano Method of peiec®, a unique method consisting of over 50 innovative techniques. Gentle yet effective, these techniques encourage the body, mind, and spirit to heal, resonating with individuals seeking spiritual growth, healing and holistic success.

Proven Success

Embodiment of Transformation, Healing, Presence, and Unique Energy Flow

Anandi Sano’s journey is not just a story of healing from C-PTSD, anxiety , pain and ill-health to success; it’s a living testament to the power of presence and a unique energy flow that inspires change in those around her. An international best-selling author and master healer, she emanates an extraordinary vibrational energy, resonating with individuals across various walks of life.


What We Do Best

Empowering You

For those embarking on a path of personal healing and spiritual growth, Anandi’s teachings offer a nurturing and transformative experience. Her energy, authenticity, and compassionate guidance provide an empowering roadmap to inner peace, fulfillment, and awakened consciousness.

A Global Perspective

Living in multiple countries and working within different industries has shaped Anandi’s world-view, endowing her a deep empathy for diverse cultures and industries. Her dedication to reconnecting humanity with Source offers teachings designed for rapid self-awareness and growth.

Her triumph over challenges like complex PTSD, anxiety, pain, chronic fatigue and a cancer diagnosis make her a beacon of resilience and inspiration. Her teachings around peiec facilitate mental, physical and emotional stability, culminating in states of profound inner peace, enabling a smoother and deeper transformation.

Presence that Transforms

What sets Anandi apart is her unparalleled ability to remain in a pure state of presence, emanating a powerful and expansive energy field. This unique quality has led to spontaneous healing and rapid shifts in consciousness for countless individuals.

Join the Evolution of Growth

Anandi Sano’s work is a beacon for those seeking healing, transformation, empowerment, inner peace and the highest states of consciousness. Anandi’s insights, practices, and powerful energy guide you towards a life filled with purpose, meaning, and authentic success.

Join Anandi on this transformative journey and step into a world where growth is not just a destination but a continuous, enlightening path.


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