Q: Anandi, there’s a lot of talk about training practitioners in Peiec® Energy Healing. Is that your primary focus?

A: Not at all. My primary focus has always been teaching people how to heal themselves and deepen their spiritual growth. It’s important to understand that Peiec isn’t actually a modality; it’s a way of living and understanding the world.

Q: Can you explain why you don’t prioritize churning out practitioners?

A: Absolutely. When I first started on this journey, the concept of healing was limited to modalities and techniques. So, naturally, Peiec became a modality as well. But as I delved deeper into the teachings from Source, I realized that the true essence of Peiec goes beyond being just another modality. It’s about empowering individuals to take control of their own healing and growth.

Q: How does Peiec differ from traditional healing modalities?

A: Traditional healing modalities often create a dependency on practitioners. While they can be beneficial, they can also unintentionally disempower individuals. Peiec, on the other hand, encourages self-reliance and self-discovery. It’s about giving you the tools and understanding to heal yourself and navigate your spiritual journey.

Q: What drives your passion for teaching people to heal themselves?

A: My passion stems from a deep desire to help individuals find inner peace, healing, and a profound connection with themselves and the universe. I believe that everyone has the potential to tap into their innate healing abilities and wisdom. My mission is to guide you on that transformative journey, where you become the healer of your own life.

Q: So, would you say that Peiec is more about personal growth than becoming a practitioner?

A: Absolutely. Becoming a practitioner is a choice, and it’s not the primary focus of Peiec. My goal is to empower individuals like you to heal, grow, and live in alignment with their true selves. Whether you choose to become a practitioner or not, the core of Peiec remains the same – it’s about you and your journey to self-discovery and healing.

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