Q: Where did Anandi learn her teachings? Did she have a teacher or guru?

A:Anandi’s profound teachings are not the result of traditional learning or mentorship under a guru. Instead, they originate from a direct and deeply personal connection with Source. It is through her extraordinary state of being and presence that she continuously receives and shares these teachings.

This unique conduit of wisdom allows Anandi to offer insights that are not only transformative but also imbued with a truth and gentleness that resonates across different walks of life.

Her path to these teachings has been one of surrender to the guidance of Source, revealing a healing and spiritual journey that is both deeply personal and universally applicable.

In essence, Anandi’s teachings are a living, breathing manifestation of her ongoing dialogue with Source, making her guidance a direct reflection of pure, unadulterated wisdom. This connection underscores the authenticity and depth of her work, offering a pathway to those seeking to explore the depths of their own being, deep healing and spiritual growth.


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