The subject of death often stirs discomfort, shrouded in taboo for some, yet held with deep reverence by others. My journey, both in life and as a paramedic, has been intimately acquainted with this final threshold.

Death can be traumatic, yet it also holds a transcendent beauty that defies words.
As we approach our final moments, what unfolds?

In my teachings, I often discuss the energetic layers of self—think of these as ‘drawers’ within us, collecting every experience across lifetimes.

Negative and positive moments leave their energetic imprint on these layers throughout our lives. Picture this as storing away not-so-fresh experiences in our drawers, accumulating over time.
This accumulation can colour our life experiences with negativity—manifesting as anxiety, depression, and illness. Triggered by a word or a thought, these buried moments can suddenly cast shadows upon our reality.

So, what transpires as we near death?
As the last breath approaches, these layers begin to shift, allowing the release of these significant life moments essential for healing and preparation for what comes next.

What I’ve learned through Source and can observe is this: energetically releasing these moments facilitates a peaceful passing and a better-balanced entrance into the next existence if you believe in reincarnation.

To assist someone in their final passage is a profound honour. It’s a process marked by serenity and deep respect. As these energetic imprints lift, you can feel the individual’s transition into a profound peace.
I recall working with a young woman’s energetic layers as she was nearing her final moments due to an accident. As we released her life’s moments, her anxiety eased, and a calm took her place. Moments arose that belonged not to her but to her family, and these, too were gently released, ensuring her peace.

People often pass when alone. I’ve come to understand that in those solitary moments, stillness is essential. Presence is needed for the Core of self to transition. Sometimes, the presence of others might inadvertently add to these layers or trigger additional moments, which is why solitude can be a kindness in those final moments.

This is also why working with the family is crucial, helping release their energetic burdens not to impact the loved one’s passing.

You might wonder about those who’ve already passed. Can they still be helped? Absolutely. The layers of self persist beyond death. While different from the moments leading up to their passing, they can still be released, even long after.

In fact, up to five days following passing, the moments leading up to it remain more accessible for release.

I share this aspect of life with you because understanding it is vital. We can assist ourselves and our loved ones to transition peacefully into the next life. Releasing what binds and limits us, we can move forward with less ‘baggage’, positively influencing our subsequent journey.

To learn more about how you can facilitate this peace for yourself, a loved one, or even a pet, visit our website.

Wishing you many blessings on your journey of growth and peace.

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